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Here are a few tips for browsing.

In Series, you will find completed, published work, or soon-to be-published work.

Work in progress, as its name indicates, has the intention of showing, via several pictures, follow-up in progress (Istanbul, Marseille) and recurrent subjects (Behind the Window, The State of Things, Sensitive Surfaces…) an apparatus across time and contact print.

Texts, because I am also interested in writing and have assembled here some wonderful pieces writers and others photographers have written about my work.

Guests proposes work by photographers, writers, visual artists, poets, (the list goes on) whose world interests me; a rubric in constant evolution depending on encounters and discoveries. Archives, called « Gallery-Galerie Â» is designed as a place to keep memories.

The rest is fairly standard ;
Who I am, what I have published and exhibited, how to purchase one of my prints…
As for the information page, it will be updated according to my moods and my current projects as well as those of others.

Happy travels !

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